While many construction companies rely on contingent labour to deliver their projects, at Chisholm & Winch we have a retained team of skilled project managers and tradespeople who collaborate consistently and know our processes inside out.

Ours is an integrated team with co-ordinated aims and a shared culture. For our clients, that means that we can provide a smoother and more agile project journey, leveraging both the experience of our people and the intuitive co-operation that only comes from working together regularly with a clear focus on the best outcome for the project.

Our integrated team provides advantages to the client throughout their project and ensures they have complete, single point accountability for quality, cost management and on-time programme delivery. There are two key areas that we can identify as critical factors in achieving those outcomes: logistics and co-ordination.


Ensuring the correct logistics arrangements are in place for a project begins in the pre-construction phase and may even form part of our proposals at tender, if sufficient information is available at that point. Many of our projects involve working in occupied buildings so considerations of how to manage the logistics are essential for minimising disruption and managing health and safety while delivering the project efficiently.

We begin by ensuring we understand the client’s requirements, gaining clarity for which areas need to be protected and any restrictions for access, storage, oversailing, noise, dust and deliveries, so that we can programme around any logistical challenges. It is essential that any potential logistical issues are identified and addressed before work begins on site, because unanticipated challenges could result in delays that have a knock-on effect across the programme.

Equipped with this knowledge, we build our logistics planning into our method statement, which involves collaboration across our team to understand the logistics requirements. That includes installing any protection, storage and additional access routes prior to start on site, and we always invest time on this during site set-up to prevent the risk of delays later.


Co-ordination also involves close collaboration with the client and across the Chisholm & Winch team. No two projects are the same, so tackling this at the earliest possible stage is an essential step in ensuring our approach is tailored to the specific parameters of the site, the programme and the client.

Our team are problem solvers, so we begin by understanding what the client wants to achieve and work together to develop the most straightforward and cost-effective way to achieve it. Often, when we are delivering projects in occupied buildings, this involves stipulating whether work will need to be done out of hours and how the working area will be returned to full use during business hours. Any restrictions are usually clear, even at tender stage, so, once again, this planning activity forms part of our method statement. Bringing together the multidisciplinary expertise of our team to develop the method statement and plan how work will be co-ordinated means that any potential work clashes or sequencing issues are ironed out at this early stage, leading to a smooth project on site.

It’s not just at the programme planning stage that an in-house, multidisciplinary team provides clear advantages for co-ordination either; throughout project delivery consistent collaboration across the team helps the programme remain on track. Whether we’re working during operational hours or out of hours, or a combination of both, every shift begins with a pre-start meeting to catch up on what’s happened and what comes next. In this way, we can work around any challenges and ensure that we always leave the site in optimum condition for the client and for the next activities required by the programme.

Together everyone achieves more

The team at Chisholm & Winch is the foundation of a successful outcome on every project, which is why having people that we’ve handpicked to be part of our company is such an important element of our business and our commitment to clients. With an integrated team like ours, the word really does demonstrate the power of the acronym – TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.