The residential development market has raised the bar over the past few years. Build to rent (BTR) developments have redefined luxury to attract overseas investors and high-net worth occupiers, to the point that the design, specification and facilities of many current residential projects now rivals the world’s top-flight hotels and bespoke homes.

Even for developments being constructed for private sale, there is fierce competition to stand out from the crowd and offer potential buyers a proposition that matches their expectations and their lifestyles. The old adage of ‘location, location, location’ still holds true but, these days, the right postcode alone is not enough. Developments not only need to have the right address, they also need the ideal aesthetic to appeal to discerning buyers, investors and tenants, along with excellent facilities and a layout that makes the most of their surrounding area.

For existing residential developments, even those completed within the past decade, this new breed of high-end, high-spec apartment buildings is a challenge. To continue attracting occupiers, properties must ensure that their communal areas and facilities remain en pointe, leveraging all the advantages of their location and providing a sense of luxury and exclusivity for buyers, investors and tenants. As a result, targeted refurbishment programmes have become an important part of the mix for the residential property sector, and Chisholm & Winch have been demonstrating just what can be achieved to help existing apartment buildings raise their game.

Riverside Quarter

A great example of the work we’ve been doing to help property owners and residential building management companies to refresh apartment buildings is the project we delivered at Riverside Quarter.

Located on the banks of the Thames, Riverside Quarter is a prestigious residential development in South West London. One of the earlier apartment blocks in the development, 1 Coptain House, is already occupied and contains leisure facilities on the ground floor that look out onto the river and green space. Our brief was to upgrade these facilities and add the ‘wow factor’, whilst delivering the project with the building fully occupied – creating as little disruption as possible for residents.

As a construction contractor with an enviable track record in the residential and high-end commercial sector, we were able to demonstrate both the impeccable standard of finish the client demanded and a flexible programme that worked around occupiers’ requirements.

A High-end Transformation

The project involved upgrades to the swimming pool, gym and changing rooms in the basement of the property, along with improvements to the access corridor and the security systems, ensuring safety and exclusivity for residents. The aim was to introduce more natural light to the facilities and create a greater sense of connection between the access corridor and the pool, giving the facilities a luxury hotel feel.

Stripping out the old jacuzzi in the pool room, we created a new seating area, transforming the space into a much more social environment while making it easier to manage and maintain. We deep cleaned the pool and the steam room and re-tiled the poolside areas. This, along with the installation of feature LED lighting in the pool, completely transformed the look and feel of the pool area. A location which had previously been smart but a little bland has become a stunning facility with contemporary colour change lighting that complements the views across the river from the poolside, by day and night.

We also cleared the gym and changing rooms before upgrading them with new fixtures and fittings. Redecoration and new doors throughout have given the facilities a fresh new look, so they are much more inviting. Meanwhile, the revamped access corridor creates an admirable first impression from the moment residents enter the facilities, with new swipe-in turnstiles, upgraded doors, new floor and wall finishes, new lighting and a new glazed wall panel.

Chisholm & Winch were also required to deliver electrical works as part of the project. Our remit was to install new security features in the form of building services upgrades for the CCTV, including new risers and data cabling through the underground carpark and estates office, to allow the CCTV to be networked with the rest of Riverside Quarter.

Both the client and the residents are delighted with the results of the project, which has raised the calibre of the apartment block within the original building footprint and layout.

Transformation without Disruption

Projects such as the work we carried out at Riverside Quarter highlight how much can be achieved with a refurbishment programme. The transformed leisure suite looks so contemporary and stylish, you’d hardly know it had simply had a facelift.

As existing residential properties continue to compete with an increasing array of luxurious new builds, revamps like these are a key strategy for marketing homes. At Chisholm & Winch, our attention to detail and skill in managing projects in a live environment around the needs of occupiers make us ideally placed to take on the task.