Chisholm & Winch have worked on some inspiring and memorable projects throughout the years, but few have had a vision and purpose to compare with our Hope Street project for One Small Thing, a charity that supports women affected by the justice system and their children.

This ground-breaking new project will provide a healing and homely environment for women and their children, with living accommodation that has been built via trauma-informed design – recognising all buildings have an effect on people and communicate all the time. Considerations have been made to incorporate lots of natural light, warm timber, tactile materials, landscaping and a balance between openness and privacy to meet residents’ needs. The new centre also includes a community building – the Hub – where women and children will have access to a range of specialist support, group classes and a café, enabling them to connect, rebuild their lives and look forward to a better future.

Our job at Chisholm & Winch is to create these nurturing spaces. Both the residential and Hub elements of the project are now taking shape, with the living accommodation due to complete first, enabling the first residents to move into their new homes. These feature ensuite bedrooms with a communal living space and kitchen.

The brickwork has now been completed on three elevations of the residential building, which has made a huge difference to how the accommodation looks on the outside. Meanwhile on the inside, the first fix MEP works have been completed, paving the way for finishes and final fix. We have completed the underfloor heating and Cellecta flooring to the first floor residential areas and the roof is also nearing completion, with the team installing a bitumen waterproofing membrane from Bauder.

Meanwhile, over at the Hub, the 3rd scaffold lift is in place for the brickwork to continue at high level and the roof and gutter details have been approved, enabling the roof covering to be installed soon. The first fix MEP works are also now underway here.

Stuart Honey, Project Manager on the Hope Street project commented: “We always work collaboratively with clients at Chisholm & Winch, but this project has become a particularly close partnership for all involved because we are all so invested in ensuring it is as special as it can be.

“When done well, construction projects can often improve people’s lives, but this project will not just improve lives; it will transform them. It will become, as the name suggests, a beacon of hope for rehabilitation and healing. We are really looking forward to handing over the completed project at the end of the year”.