Chisholm & Winch was created in the 1970s by Jim Chisholm and Tony Winch, both from trade backgrounds. The early Company was initially a shuttering and carpentry outfit, this then developed into carpentry, building and general fit out.

Jim and Tony chose to develop this and both progressed through Site and Contracts Management, whilst teaming this with academic development through night school and private study.

Jim Chisholm retired in the mid 1990s and sadly passed some years later. The current Board of Directors came together in the mid to late 1990s with the ethos of the Company firmly grounded in Tony Winch’s leadership.

The Board of Directors are proud to have taken this good foundation and developed the Company whilst always keeping an eye on the two key goals:

1. To serve our Clients and assist in them achieving their organisational goals.
2. To provide an environment that allows the employees, directors and suppliers to live a fulfilling life and support their families and dependants.

This ethos still stands today and is built on Client understanding, which ultimately lays the bedrock for Client satisfaction – know your Client and understand their goals and commit to working together to achieve them.

Quote Simon Castle “Having worked closely with Tony Winch for over 25 years, I am proud of the fact that whenever we have come to a fork in the road, Tony has shown the leadership to do simply the “right and proper” thing.”

“This translates to doing the job correctly, and being honest and fair with our Clients, our Employees and our Suppliers. It is that attitude that in my mind makes Chisholm & Winch. Personally, as long as I work for and influence Chisholm & Winch, I will ensure that the same culture is maintained.”